Bad Ass Evil Doer
Yo! ♥

My name is Amira, I'm a Villainess & I'm awesome.blank.period. Nice to meet cha!

I'm funny😁, raunchy😈, goofy😜, clever😏, open minded😉, eccentric😲, creative, clumsy, "in your face", "a heart on her sleeves" type of girl. :)
This blog is probably mostly likely involved my most inner feelz and rants😢, cosplay related👘, ratchet shit💥, nerd shit👓and Villains shit💣
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Hey Guys 👐! Could you please go Like 👍 my Ursula 🐙 cosplay! I would really appreciate it 💟 Thanks


I stumble across some directioners that are freaking out because people are listening to 1D’s leaked songs and Im just like

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